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Start a surprising moment for someone dear.

Stronger bonds by surprise

How do you show someone dear that they are special to you? By starting something exciting: a surprising moment with an anonymously sent invitation. Choose from a simple SMS, a real postcard to a stunning giftbox. After you've created your invitation you get an exclusive page where you can tease with hints about your identity and activity. The activity itself is up to your creativity. Book it wherever you like. But you can also go to someone’s favourite restaurant, café or club. Whatever strengthens the relationship, or revives it. It's up to you, surpriser.




Surprise someone in 4 steps

  • 1: Create your surprising invitation
  • 2: Tease with hints. Plan an activity (yourself).
  • 3: Enjoy the muhaha feeling being a surpriser
  • 4: Have a great, surprising moment

Make your moment perfect

Be sure you know the person in real life
We might check by hand and even give you a call. Nothing personal.

Pick someone up at home, or a busy public place
The most comfortable for the person you surprise.

Your moment, your treat
Yes we are Dutch. But splitting costs is only allowed when the invited person asks to reveal your identity before you meet. It's already brave when someone accepts your surprising moment.

It's a great moment for the people
We have the fierce ambition to enchant not only your moments, but everyone's. This is just the start.

Ready to amaze someone?

Show how grateful you are for that person. Create a surprising invitation.