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Change things by surprise

It's all about the element of surprise

Remember that time when you got all the time to hang out with friends. Look at you now. Your career interferes, your parenthood and also repetitive moments are making you lose great friendships over time. But friendships only exists due to the great moments you share. That's why we build Because we believe surprises are the greatest moments in life to keep your friends and family closer. Or to revive older special friendships, bonds and laughs. empowers you to make your closest bonds stronger and cooler and show them how grateful you are. Whether your friends, family or great colleagues. It's up to you, surpriser!

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From Eindhoven the Gekste is based in Eindhoven and that is no surprise. Eindhoven is known for three major elements: being a major design (1) and (2) tech city of the world. And (3) hosting the most craziest citizens of the Netherlands. They even call us "Eindhoven de gekste" which means: Eindhoven the craziest. Combine those elements and you see why could only start in this great city of crazy, surprising people.

Your moments are just the beginning

A great product should be great for everyone. That's why it's in our core business to be grateful. To you as a future or loyal surpriser. But also to the rest of the world. Therefore we reserve at least 10% of our profit to not only make your moments great, but also of those who need it the most. We start small with stichting Heppie, and think big. While we grow we will enrol more and greater plans to show our gratitude. It's our goal to enrich everyone's life on this planet with some beautiful lasting (and of course surprising) moments. Because in the end, we think it's all about those special moments you shared. - Yes we know. We are quite sentimental sometimes. -

First stichting Heppie

Stichting Heppie, formerly known as KICO, played a major role in the life of Founder Germain. With a complicated youth it was at KICO that he got the chance to add some great moments to his life. Thanks to good care and lovely volunteers daily worries faded away. And it did enchant his memories about that time, which puts a smile on the face of Germain when looking back to this particular point in his life.

Let's enchant everyone's life

Yes we dream big. And now you know what we are up to, it's your turn. Contribute to your own moments by becoming a surpriser. Are you into business? Let's discover a partnership, or propose an investment in our company (because this is really just the beginning).

Like to talk? You'll catch us here +31 85 06 55 287