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No surprises in the Terms and Conditions of

Reading the Terms and Conditions, who likes that? We'll make every effort to keep them as superfluous as possible. Don't believe it? We have written it down as clearly as possible. Expect, beside the odd style, no further surprises here. Well if this sentence is still there. The google Translate mistakes are not filterered enough. Working on it. Ready before April 13th.


  • trademark of holy g. Provides the service to create surprising moments in your life.
  • Surpriser: A 'client' at The person we are eternally grateful.
  • PostNL: Postmail distributor in the Netherlands.
  • Mollie: Payment Provider in the Netherlands. Governs the processing of payments include iDeal, Sofort or KBC. This also appears on your bill when you checkout. Including a joyful text from us.
  • Microsoft Azure: the company were we host our website. Here we save all our files.

About the company is a trade name of the company holy g. holy g is located on the Heuvelakker 45 in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The service delivers an original way to invite someone for a surprise moment including one page where you can plan the time and create hints. Holy g is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 64978818 at the office in Eindhoven.

Not legal: We hope soon to acquire an office; ). Hopefully you help us by starting a moment.

Make your moment

Send your moment sends all products one day after your purchase. This gives you extra time to prep your moment before the recipient receives a message. The SMS will arrive the next day in seconds around six am Dutch time. (GMT +1) The card and gift box we send via POSTNL. After the purchase, we have prepared your card or package within one business day. After that POSTNL will handle it within 24hours. A CARD or BOX will do at least 48 hours before it arrives at the person you are surprising. POSTNL does not deliver on Sundays and Mondays. Moments that you create on Fridays, are received on Tuesday. We report this as soon as possible in the ordering process, so you no longer have to think here.

What if someone cancels

You pay for producing a special invitation. We cannot guarantee that someone actually accept it. If someone does not, you can't ask for a refund. But hey, everything looks flashy enough that anyone will at least look at it. Although we suspect will have the least success rate. But that only cost you 1 euro.

Not legal note: Unfortunately we are not authorized by law to compel someone. Otherwise, we would of course immediately for you. ; ). Or wait. We were an honest company. Just kidding.

Not responsible for someone's identity

We are not responsible for the person's identity that invites you. Of course we'll do our very best because otherwise will never be a success. We check or find someone on Google and examine your friendship is real. We also offer a lot of opportunities to know with certainty whether you really know the other person. If someone turns out to be someone else, tell us. We block the person for future moments. Due to privacy laws, we cannot hand over his data. Although we would do it gladly for your justice. So we work along with every power we have when something really went bad.

Always meet in a public, central location

You are responsible for your own safety. That all sounds very heavy. Probably because you will just get surprised by someone you know well. Unfortunately we have to mention it. We also do not know exactly who is inviting you. And we don't want to ruin the spontaneity of creating a surprising moment, by fully knowing someone's identity first.

Problems? Solved

Not satisfied with our service? Bummer. Demand your money back. We do not fuss about this. But we are curious about your reason, so we can improve.

Not satisfied with your sent invitation?

Send a picture. Explain what's going on. Get your money back. Note: if you make a spelling mistake in your invitation, you can't hold us responsible for that. Also, if you enter a wrong phone number or address, we cannot help you. We have already made out of pocket costs, sorry! (If you notice a mistake, mail us at the day of purchase before 12AM and will try to handle it just in time.)

Invitation not arrived?

Okay, you found it. The worst part of our terms and conditions. We heavily depend on the delivery of POSTNL. Because you and do not pay enough to ensure our post of arrival. Using is just like sending an ordinary card, or package. Hoping for a happy ending. The good part: POSTNL deliver rates are often very good. Of course, if something is not delivered on time, we will try to work something out. We are just not profitable yet. So we cannot cry out loud that we promise to resend. Hopefully you understand that.

No money back if you booked your moment

We only give money back if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the invitation we sent. The amount is not higher than the amount for which you bought the invitation. We'll never refund activities that you book yourself. Even if someone decides not to accept your moment, or worse, doesn't show up. Therefore only book an activity when you have some certainty that your friend is accepting.

Not legal note: if you take the risk to buy tickets early, for example, theatre or concert tickets. Try to sell that ticket through Ticket Swap, Marktplaats (Craigslist) or other fair organizations.

Your credentials and data

Your data is secure and we only speak via secure https connections. We use an SSL certificate. Check the contents in the clasp of your browser bar or safe message. The certificate we take out of Microsoft Azure.

Storage and data

Your data is stored on the servers of Microsoft Azure. We consciously use European servers to protect your privacy. In the future, we will make our utmost service to the servers in the country where you currently pay. Because we've just started, we can't afford that yet. Your password is saved with the latest encryption technology.

payment Provider

Our payment provider Mollie manages everything around your payment information. We have access to it, but do not store it in our database. This ensures that we are a less attractive target for attackers. In addition, we choose constantly to only save the data we really need.

Move, read, write, property

Data you enter in will keep your property. You give us permission to use them to enchant your moments. Only if you give additional permission we share your information with, for example advertisers. A moment can be shared on the website, or social media.

You are responsible for your data

You ensure yourself that the data you upload have been obtained lawfully. For example, you upload images, you indemnify us from the responsibility to own the rights. Also give you permission to make analyses of your data. Do not think too big. Just a simple small report as: how old are our surprisers? We use it to achieve smaller ways to reach people who are interested in Not to chase you bothersome. - Then we had a blue logo - We might use this anonymized data to target potential advertisers, to show that there is a nice target audience waiting. About advertisers later, again nothing surprising.

Data analysis and Cookies analyses the site using Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Adwords and Facebook ads. We don't do personal tracking. We see that someone visiting, seeing pages, but we do not know who that person is. Hence, we don't use a cookie message, because it's not needed if you don't track people. Download AdBlocker, or a plugin like Ghostery and you see that it's true : ).

Improve through big data also prepares to turn into the mountain of data to improve our service. We do this by piling on all the data of other visitors. We do this anonymously. Someone who analyses the data has no idea what people have done exactly. For example, we look at which cities people are most active. How old is our average surpriser and what activities are planned. That makes it possible for us to better suite your needs in the future. However, we don't have a personal profile of you (yet) . And as long as it does not explicitly contributes to a better moment for you, we simply won't make it.


On you'll never face traditional advertising such as banners, popups and other vile ways to make from something cool a commercial cow. In the future, we only look for ways to make your moments extra special via advertisers. We believe that contributing to moments works much better for their brands than pushing a banner in your snout.

We never sell information to third parties. Never. We believe in a fair business case. Moreover, you pay us. However, the margin is very small. Hence, we look into the future, how we can allow advertisers to make your moments even more special. In such an event you always choose for this yourself. It's opt in. And we promise it will be fun and advertisers know only that they approach an appropriate audience.

Your photos as promotional material

Ah. Again no worries here. wants to grow. We want to use photos that you upload as 'reference material' in promotional campaigns. We always ask for permission, if you give your moment a high rating and upload some photo or video, we will ask you for permission. If you don't response, or don't rate your moment, nothing will be used.

Force Majeure? That's ugly

Sometimes Murphy's Law hits the fan full frontal. Unfortunately we're at odds - including financially - not able to compensate all those losses. This is for example when we dodge bombs, grenades, flood, fire, or we are compromised at a big hack. In short, things that we have no influence on. Have we consciously acted negligent? - For example, we still use a security technique even a dinosaur is familiar with? -Then you can fight it out to the bosom of the court. As we reimburse only the purchase price of the involved product. And probably we do that even before a lawyer has sent a mail.

Not legal note: of course that last piece of 'conscious negligence' does not make sense. In a situation that goes wrong everything is quite uncertain. Good news: we refuse to behave consciously negligent. We can do the best in the world: enchant the moments of people like you. And there you don't like to stand for nasty surprises.

Almost done

Dutch law applies

We can tell it wonderful, one thing is certain: the Dutch Law is always applicable to these terms and conditions. When they state something not legal in these terms, then that condition will be dilapidated. The rest of the conditions remain valid in such a case.

Continu aangepast changes every day and that may change our conditions too. We'll inform our Surprisers right away when we do major changes. Minor changes such as language errors or better sentence constructions will be kept for our self. Because yes, we know our English needs major improvement. Excuses. Help us pinpointing mistakes.